Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Not that there's a single connection right now between the New York Yankees and the Marlins, but I was very intrigued to see a nugget about the Marlins and their young ace Jose Fernandez. And when I saw the rumor that perhaps the Marlins were shopping him, pardon me for salivating...
Yup, it's Craig Mish of Sirus XM, and I have news for you... the idea would be amazing... if it was actually true. I don't believe it.

For one, there is no growing sentiment around baseball around Fernandez... at all.  The wording is nice and yes, when I read it initially, I thought "Wow, could the Yankees do something big here and get this kid?" He would do wonders for our rotation.  No doubt, the Marlins would want a King's ransom for him and so, I then started to come back to reality and do some digging.

That's when I found this:
That's Joe Frisaro of MLB.com and he's right... you NEVER know, but it appears to not be true. For all we know, and I believe this is right... the Marlins could have floated that story out there before the Winter Meetings to hopefully get some nice offers when they walk into those Meetings just to see if he's worth moving.

Now, one word of caution about Fernandez, and this comes from Hardball Talk:

"Jose Fernandez, who was then rehabbing from Tommy John surgery but who would soon be coming back to the Marlins’ rotation."

And so you'd have a guy fresh off Tommy John if the Yankees DID trade for him, and would we want that?  Well, we've done it before, hello Jon Lieber.  But the difference is Fernandez is no Lieber, the potential is much bigger.  Fernandez went 6-1 with a 2.92  ERA in 2015.  I'd say, they'd want that.

Look, I wouldn't begin to discuss Yankee names because, let's face it, what the Marlins would want would be a lot most likely.  Of course they'd want Aaron Judge, probably Luis Severino.  I'd love to dump Ivan Nova and Brett Gardner their way, but they'd never go for it. Hell, if they did give up Fernandez, throw in Marin Prado and we'd fix second base too!

Anyway, now I ask you, the loyal BYB reader... if the Marlins called, and you were Brian Cashman, what would you do?

Word of caution with this Fernandez rumor. I'm here to tell you it's probably bull. That being said... it's fun to think about.

Oh boy... the rumor season... it'll get ya!

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  1. To be fair the Yankees would not include all of their top prospects. Two of the three (Judge, Severino and Bird) would need to be discussed. I tend to think it would be Bird and Severino. Then at least two mid tier prospects to go along with that (Refsnyder, Sanchez, Jagielo types).


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