Wednesday, November 4, 2015


A quick and important note.  CC and Amber Sabathia will speak out for the first time Friday on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts.  That was just tweeted by Robin and Retweeted by GMA a short time ago.
As you know, Bleeding Yankee Blue are fans and supporters of the Sabathia family.  We have covered several Sabathia events in the past, we're interviewed them, (Read CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR: INTERVIEW WITH THE SABATHIA) and released it on Christmas morning in 2013. 

We even stepped up recently asking many of you to Retweet #BYBSTANDSWITHSABATHIA

We love the big lug, and we appreciate all Amber does as well. As I've stated here before, the first time my wife and I met Amber, my wife and her couldn't stop chatting, and she later told me, "Oh my god, Amber is gorgeous and she is a sweetheart". It's true.

The fact is my wife and Amber spoke like old friends, talked about kids, life... baseball wasn't part of the equation... that's because these are real people and sometimes real people have real problems.  That goes back to CC and his addiction to alcohol.  A family rallies when something like that comes to the forefront, and I applaud this family for circling the wagons.

Anyway, I'll be sure the tune in Friday morning to watch the Sabathia interview.  I applaud this family... I'm one of their biggest fans!

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