Saturday, November 7, 2015


Last night was an event sponsored by Steiner Sports and endorsed by Bleeding Yankee Blue.  We even had a little deal going with Steiner and they allowed us to give the Bleeding Yankee Blue audience $20 off their ticket to attend an event staring Mariano Rivera and Alex Rodriguez. 

It was called Reflections on Business and Baseball. Of course, #BYB represented showing up early and ready for anything:
But not only that, plenty of Bleeding Yankee Blue readers took advantage of the ticket cost and darted over to see Alex and Mariano speak.  Steiner Sports and Brandon always do a bang up job.  They are professionals.  They have access to these players and they not only show them off, but they talk to them about leadership, in front of many fans who really want to find out what's in their heads.

We all know about Mariano Rivera.  The man has been a class act since the day he came up through the Yankee system. But many are only now seeing the true personality of Alex Rodriguez.  He was in the booth in the post season and he was fun.  He looks happy.  He looks like he's matured.  After a fantastic comeback season with the Yankees he looks relaxed... it's nice to see... and this is coming from a guy that was never a real Alex fan.

Ike Dimitriadis, a BYB senior writer was there at the Steiner event last night, and he wrote this on Facebook:

"Funny that I was at an event tonight with Alex Rodriguez exactly one year after this was published and shared. It still resonates."

This was the story he was talking about. It was AROD'S SIN ISN'T THE PROBLEM, IT'S AROD HIMSELF and I wrote it a year ago. Here's a portion:

"It’s finally crystal clear to me.  It’s not about his sins… it’s about him. He's the most hated man in America who virtually did the same thing as the many I’ve listed, and in some cases, not as bad.  But it doesn’t matter. ARod’s the bad guy.  ARod will never be forgiven. 

The others? Yup.. they’re free from judgement.  

Not Alex. He's the worst and it makes no damn sense." 

Irony at it's best. That's because all those "haters" are no longer haters... they are forgivers of Alex because Alex did well last season. Last night it was a packed house... some of our readers thanked me publicly.
I couldn't be happier, not only for Alex but for the fans. In the end, Steiner put together a terrific show.  Fans showed up to get a glimpse and fans were happy.  BYB fans were happy for the discount, and in the end, that makes me happy.

Bleeding Yankee Blue started out as a Yankee site.  5 years later we're about family, baseball, life and the Yankees.  We love how we evolved and if there are any opportunities like this in the future, there is no question, we will bring them to you.

I tip my cap personally to Brandon Steiner.  He's a stand up guy, a hard worker and a tremendous person.  Good work. You make alot of fans happy! We appreciate it very much!

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