Monday, November 30, 2015


Not a major news story here unless you like to stir the pot like most of the New York sports media and stick a finger in Yankee fans' eyes. Why? Because the Red Sox stole a Yankee player away or something. Bottom line, Chris Young was a free agent.  I never read 1 legitamate report that hinted the Yankees wanted Young back, but don't worry, we'll here that the Yankees made a "big mistake letting Young walk".

Look, the way I see this move, Chris Young had always been a decent player for the Yankees and for any team.  He just sucked on the Mets... and I blame the Mets for that. The Sox got a decent ballplayer.  making a multi-year deal for the guy? I'm not sure about that. Anyway...

Yes, the reports are true, the Red Sox signed Chris Young in what looks like a multi-year deal.  According to several sources, but we'll choose New York Post on this. Basically it's a multi-year deal for Young, pending a physical:

"Young was the rare Yankee who excelled against lefty pitching last year, posting a team-best .972 OPS against southpaws. He carries a career 1.054 OPS with 11 extra-base hits in 21 games at Fenway Park, and now gets to take aim at the Green Monster full-time.

He will probably fill a similar role for the Red Sox as he did for the Yankees — a weapon against lefties and security blanket in case of injuries."

In the end, the Yankees didn't want Young back for a multi-year deal. That's it. The Sox did, and good for the Sox, they got a good player in Young.  I like Young in the Bronx, but we all kind of knew the guy wasn't coming back. That's just the way it is.  We move on.

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