Thursday, November 5, 2015


Brett Gardner was hampered by a wrist injury in 2015.  That's why he sucked.  Oh.. that explains alot.  According to the New York Times, Gardy was suffering a bit:

"When the Yankees were shut out by the Houston Astros in the American League wild-card game, the crowd at Yankee Stadium saved its most vociferous boos for one of its favorite players, Brett Gardner, the Yankees’ only homegrown starter... Afterward, Gardner brushed off questions about his health. Manager Joe Girardi said a few days later that he was baffled by Gardner’s drop-off.

On Wednesday, the Yankees’ new hitting coach, Alan Cockrell, offered a plausible explanation: Gardner was dealing with a wrist injury for a significant part of the season.

'If you don’t feel strong, if there’s pain, something that inhibits you being able to hold the bat in your hands and throw the barrel, it’s really tough,' Cockrell, who was the team’s assistant hitting coach last season, said in a conference call. 'When you have a hand injury, you start to use different parts of your body in the swing to compensate a little bit.'”

OK look, that's all fine and good, but we have a bigger problem here.  Joe Girardi's up there at his post game either lying to the Yankee fans about what happened with Gardy and how he didn't know anything, or Brett Gardner's keeping it a secret so he's in the lineup and ultimately hurting the team in the playoffs.  

Look, this is pretty horrible.  The Yankees play this shell game of mystery when it comes to health all the time.  Mark Teixeira is a perfect example, they botched that. They need to be more opened about what;'s gong on here when it comes to million dollar players.  No fan wants to pay a players salary if they're hurt and playing and ultimately hurting the team.  It's disappointing and to be honest, I'm annoyed to be hearing about this now.  

Whatever the case, let's hope Gardy is back to health by Opening day.  He's a major part of this team and does us no good if he's hurt.  Jesus.
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