Monday, November 9, 2015


This one goes out to the ladies! Sure, baseball is male dominated, and Bleeding Yankee Blue shows a lot of what men out there like; baseball, the Yankees and... sometimes beautiful women. Yes, they are all over the page, in posts, in ads and sometimes we get emails about it.  Ladies, considering this site has a good representation of women contributing here, we wanted to tell you that we hear you loud and clear! You want some eye candy and we are going to give it to you!

So... boss man Casey has some photos, ads on the site including some women in their underwear and even Fredrick's of Hollywood stuff. We get it, but now it is our turn to have some fun! I can't think about anything more fun right now than this picture. Helllllllooooooo there!  Look at those abs!  Don't be shy, Brett Gardner, at least that is who we think it is. We wouldn't mind seeing some more of these leaked out into cyberspace.

Remember this face below? Or....those tattoos? I know I certainly haven't forgotten. It's OK Russell Martin, you may play for the Blue Jays now and I won't be able to overlook that for long, but I can for as long as I sit and stare at this picture.  

We can't have a post about a guy showing it all off for us without throwing Alex Rodriguez in the mix! I mean, right??? Hello....this "mirror shot" will never get old.  He doesn't need to be shirtless to peak our interest. Look at those arms! This picture of him is what I always think of right away. At first because I thought it was ridiculous, but then I admittedly did a double take. Don't judge me!

OK, so he isn't a Yankee or even a baseball player for that matter but Colin Kaepernick is one sexy piece of man meat. The tattoos....the chest....the abs....we love all of it. Baseball is always my first passion, but I will be happy to  watch this man on the football field. I know he has a crush on Beyonce, but we would be happy to fill her shoes.

We haven't forgotten about Robinson Cano either. Yea, I know. We're not supposed to like him cause of Seattle and the contract... Yea, don't care. We can definitely still appreciate a little Cano, don't ya know!

Okay, maybe one more of Cano?

Why'd you have to go, Cano?

And can we talk for a second about Giancarlo Stanton? Those abs are absolutely drool-worthy. Talk about the perfect washboard. He certainly keeps it muy Caliente en Miami!

And since one of us here (*cough Jeana*cough) has an unwavering loyalty to Mark Teixeira it goes without saying that he is going to be included in this right? Come on, that is a given. He cleans up really nice!

Now, there is another player that plays out in Queens. I know, I know....we don't talk about the Mets here but come on David Wright is some serious eye candy! I will just look at the picture and ignore the uniform.

And stepping out of the scope of sports altogether, we give you Idris Elba. There is something undeniably attractive about a man in a well-tailored suit. Kind of makes you sit up and take notice, don't you think?

Speaking of Hollywood and well-tailored suits, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, anyone?

What about Theo James? Suddenly I want to want Divergent and Insurgent OVER and OVER again. Maybe I can be cast as the female lead for the next movie instead. No? OK, you can't blame a girl for dreaming.

If you follow the NBA, then you are no stranger to Dwyane Wade. Sharp dresser, and excellent ball player. We see you, darling!

And to not be out-done, Henrik Lundqvist. To be honest, I only just started watching hockey, and hardly understand it. But I will watch every single Rangers game if it means I get to see Lundqvist.

Sports is a male dominated world. It's hard for us sports savvy ladies to be taken seriously and to be given the respect that we deserve. No, we're not groupies, and no it's not about who has the nicest butt. A lot of women I know can run laps around their male counterparts with their sports knowledge. But, we're also human. So yea, sometimes we want to appreciate an attractive man and not be judged for it. We hear you, ladies.

Casey, you can keep your beautiful ladies and your sexy female ads. No biggie! Just know that we're watching, and we're looking out for our lady readers. This one's for you gals!

(In photo: Brock O'Hurn) 

Your move Casey!


--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ 

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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