Sunday, November 1, 2015


There is really nothing to this post other than to entertain you. Oh and to remind you that Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis are engaged and to show you what Derek wore to a costume party for Halloween the other night. And thank God for Hannah Davis. She captured something pretty funny. Check out this Tweet:
Derek Jeter... as Satan.  Now I've seen everything.  No actually I haven't.  I loved Laura Posada's Halloween costume as well. It was a clever one this year!

She can pull off anything sexy.  And of course, we gotta give props to joke man Brendan Ryan and his lovely family as Sharyn also Tweeted out a Halloween pic of their family.

Love it. Hopefully a #BYBRyanFamilyPicture is next! I will check with Sharyn and get an answer for you all... promise! Hey Sharyn, you guys are in demand!

Anyway, I hope Halloween was enjoyable for all of you!  I've been recovering all day.  I'm alittle hung over and alittle tired and if you live on the East coast like I do... here comes the depression as it gets way too dark way too early and baseball season's about to come to a close.

Oh boy.

Happy November.

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