Wednesday, November 18, 2015


There are too many sports blogs out there and not enough actual sources.  That's because they all have you fooled.  This is why I love the Bleeding Yankee Blue audience... you're smart. We here at BYB will let you know if there's something solid when a headline comes out.  I'm tired of the crap, we all are.   The Rumor season is fun, but how fun is it if 99% of the rumors are false? Seriously.  You know... they're called rumors for a reason.  Yet... folks still click.  Whatevs man...

The latest is that the Yankees and the Indians are talking about a trade for Brett Gardner, possibly for pitching in return.  That comes from somwhere and then MLB guy Danny Demilio tweeted this:
I'm gonna be honest, I can't even confirm it further. Now look, getting a pitcher for Gardy would be a good idea, but are the Indians the right team here?  I ask you, can do better for Gardy? He's a sparkplug, a valuable piece to any team... I think we could do better.

Fansided wrote: "...starting pitchers Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar might be heading back to the Bronx in exchange for outfielder Gardner" but break it down for a second. First off, they say "might", that's because no one knows. Second, the Yankees have 100 starting pitchers, now we're getting 2 more?  Does it even make sense?

Look, I find this interesting, especially because Gardy has been pretty valuable for us for a while now, so the departure could be a sad one, but I just don't know where this story is coming from and if it's even legit. Just being honest.

Take what you will from this. I'm not so sure this is on the level yet.

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