Sunday, November 29, 2015


Just a quick note because I find it incredible when athletes bitch and moan, complain and bitch and moan some more... oh yeah, and did I say complain?  Enter Jonathan Papelbon.

Papelbon is obnoxious, arrogant and a complainer.  Now normally I wouldn't care.  But like I wrote in WHEN IT COMES TO CANO, REPUTATION COMES TO MIND, a player's reputation is important among peers, among baseball execs and among us fans. Sometimes when players think they are better than everyone, they forget about their reputation and sometimes think to themselves, "Well, I'm a great player, nothing can hurt me." But here's the thing, the Phillies had trouble unloading him this year because of his antics and crappy attitude, and now that he's on the Nationals, he's pretty much been deemed "untradeable", basically because he's being alittle bitch.

Jon Heyman writes: "Of Jonathan Papelbon, one executive said, 'You can't trade him. He's untradeable.'" 

Add in Hardball Talks wording of Pap, "Papelbon has a poor reputation in baseball, particularly after a dugout altercation with superstar outfielder Bryce Harper. Focusing strictly on what he does on the field, Papelbon still gets the job done."

But there's that word again, reputation.  And so, who wants to put up with that bullshit, no matter how good you possibly are?  I wouldn't touch Papelbon and his crappy rep in a 1000 years.  But that's just me.

We'll keep an eye on Papelbon and his ego and we'll let you know if the Nationals can ship him out.  It will be interesting. Stay tuned...

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  1. A bad attitute is an unneeded distraction that management and follow players are much better off without.


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