Sunday, November 8, 2015


I just wanted to share with you a very touching interview with CC Sabathia and how he started to realize that he may have had a drinking problem.  Much of the interview is stuff that we expected.  CC and Amber are working through it, and that's important. He received calls from all the Yankees, Torii Hunter, Big Papi... that's class when players reach out to support...there's no denying that. Over all, it's a touching 5 minutes and you should watch it.  I will tell you though, the best part was when Amber speaks of their oldest son and how the son is smart enough to know it's happened to his father because of social media and how you just can't hide it. Anyway, Amber says their son said:

"Dad is going to learn to not abuse alcohol and there are other ways to handle stress and anxiety. I'm so proud of dad for being a great father."

It's near the end of the interview... and it got me right in the heart.

Look, CC will be fine because he knows he has a problem.  I applaud him.  We love this family.

Go get'um big guy. Beat it.


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