Thursday, November 12, 2015


Trades can be unsettling. We found that out earlier, and not just with the rookies that were sent away. It’s the Brett Gardner rumors. By now we’ve all heard them, and I don’t like them one bit. I mean, I like saying “Gardy goes Yardy” every time he goes deep. Besides, this pair of trades doesn't make sense in isolation. Then I got to thinking. What if this is just the first phase, setting up the next one. Most people said the acquisition of Aaron Hicks sets up the departure of Brett Gardner. In my last piece -  PIRELA AND MURPHY ... GONE!, I wondered aloud at how they can put a starting outfielder on the trading block and replace him with a kid who hasn’t proven himself yet. I’ve been thinking about this all day. Then a scenario came to me.

The rumor is that the Yankees are shopping Brett Gardner to the Mariners. What if they’re working a deal for Robinson Cano? I started to feel the adrenaline kick in as I kicked it around in my head. A couple of days ago, BYB reported that the Yankees had been quietly dropping Andrew Miller's name - ANDREW MILLER ON THE TRADING BLOCK. What if the Mariners answered the phone? With the bust and trade that was Fernando Rodney's 2015 season in Seattle, I'll bet the need for a closer is palpable. You know. Like the need for a serious bat in the Bronx. Like the need for a proven, major league second baseman. Seriously, can you think of a better person? Still, I could see where Miller would not be enough for Cano. I could see how the only thing approaching the need for a closer in Seattle is the need for a leadoff hitting center fielder with speed. Miller and Gardner for Cano?

I began to share my thoughts with some friends. Erica Morales, one of our brilliant writers here at BYB, was first to respond. "... Don't toy with my emotions" Then, "Erica would be a super fan girl if Cano came home". Yeah, you and about eight million other Yankee fans! The fact is we love him here. I was at a game this past summer with another amazing BYB writer Jeana Belleza hosting the Mariners. We both noticed a sign held up by fans in the middle deck above the visitors dugout that read "NY ❤ CANO". We do love Cano. My daughter Anastasia still cries at the mention of his name. By the way, that game was the one where Cano hit two home runs. I watched both of them sail over the fence. I remember feeling sadness that we couldn't keep him and have that kind of talent in our lineup. I never disliked him. I just disliked 10-year contracts where you pay a player $24M per year through age 41.

At any rate, Cano would be huge for the Yankees. Consider that Carlos Beltran led the Yankees in batting average among qualifiers with .276. Robinson Cano hit over .300 in seven of the nine seasons he played here. Besides, he's a better fit here. All I hear is how downtrodden he's been since leaving New York. This place suits him better. That's not to mention what Yankees Stadium would do for his power numbers. Since my boss, Mr. Casey, loves Sabermetrics (he doesn't - I like to bother him :)), I'll give this to you to chew on: his WAR has been above 6 in four of the last six years. A WAR of six, by some accounts, approaches MVP caliber.

Look, this would be a dream. Who knows what, if any, deal can be worked out. But the thought of bringing back a homegrown, beloved star is epic. Okay, Mr. Cashman. Get it done!

--Ike Dimitriadis, BYB Senior Staff Writer
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