Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I remember Opie and Anthony, do you?  I remember 'Whip them out Wednesday'.  I was never in the presence of an 'Whip them out', but remember hearing it on the radio and thought it was funny, yet dirty  I remember seeing stickers of WOW all over New York and thinking, "These guys are onto something fun. They'll probably get in trouble."

I may be a father and more mature than I used to be, but I'm also no tight ass.  When I approved the story from Erica and Jeana titled MAN CANDY MONDAY! I didn't expect the heat I got.  It obviously came from men who thought my approval "confirmed my gayness" (real line) and "lack of control" for my own site.  Um... ok.  Thanks, but sometimes men need to shut the F up and understand what humor is.  Bottom line, Bleeding Yankee Blue's audience in more female than male and it was designed that way on purpose.  We basically took the audience that was neglected when RAB and the others walked around with their stat books and we decided that we needed to find another way to gather audience.  We did. Years later, Bleeding Yankee Blue decided to post something with men with shirts off and the male readers we have just can't handle it.  Calm down... it was supposed to be funny.

Besides... I couldn't go silent too long. I'm accepting Erica's and Jeana's challenge and posting a few female photos to keep with the theme and poke alittle fun their way... here goes nothing!  P.S... and this is a note to my female audience who will no doubt be offended.  THIS IS MEANT TO BE FUNNY.  Laugh. Enjoy Beauty. I had to deal with looking at a shirtless ARod... remember?

I've always been a fan of Kate Upton here and we've shared many a photo of her on BYB.  Why? Well... you can figure it out.

Um... your boobs hanging out. Oh, I forgot... this is a Yankees fan site. How's this...

OK, now it's legit.  Anyone like Rachel McAdams? I do.

She's one of my favorites and we decided we had to feature her here, especially for this exercise.

What ever happened to 2 of my old time favorites... Michelle Pfeiffer and Diane Lane?

Gotta love these 2 mature attractive women. They still look amazing and I still have my crushes.  Of course, keeping with the Yankee and #BYB theme, how do you NOT include the always gorgeous Laura Posada:

Still keeping it real.

Nice abs. I think she looks even more amazing these days.  And here's model and actress Lisa Varga slowing off alittle leg.

Wow.  Here's Lisa wearing our BYB gear.

Thank you. And then just to be obnoxious, there are a lot of pretty women who we just want to share with our audience just because we were challenged by E and Jeana...

Chrissy Teigen.

Becki Newton from How I Met your Mother.

Elisha Cuthbert.

Katy Perry.

Gabrielle Union.

Hannah Davis.

Brooke Burke.

Kathy Ireland.

and of course Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island. Love her.

Anyway... your move ladies.

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