Sunday, November 29, 2015


I know, it's a crazy quote, but it's an interesting nugget, ain't it?  I usually don't take stock in what Jon Heyman of has to say, but I did like the following sentence in his piece:

"NL MVP Bryce Harper looks like a future Yankee from here."

It's a float job and it will get clicks and that's what he wants and he bases it on absolutely no inside baseball.  It's just a statement to see what traction he can get on it.  I bit... DAMN YOU HEYMAN!

Here's the reality though... we've been there too.  We wrote about Harper coming to the Yankees years ago (2011) here on Bleeding Yankee Blue and all I wanted to do was re-share that story titled: WHY BRYCE HARPER COULD BE A YANKEE and share a few quotes from our piece and suggest... we see Harper on the Yankees 1 day too:

"Perhaps I'm going a little too far into the future, but while flipping through some baseball news, I happened to find this article from June 2009 from The Star Ledger, read it HERE. In it, Michael Fensom writes: "Harper says one of his dreams is to one day wear Yankees pinstripes."

Now, anytime I hear a young baseball phenom say the Yankees are his dream team, I immediately picture him in pinstripes. Bryce Harper grew up idolizing the Core Four, he celebrated the '96-'00 dynasty wins at a young age, and apparently nothing has changed in his life. There's little doubt in mind that it's only a matter of time before Bryce Harper joins the endless list of Yankees greats..."

A few can play at that game.

Carry on...

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