Wednesday, November 4, 2015


We all know Alan Cockrell became the Yankees hitting coach after Jeff Pentland left this offseason.  If you live under a rock, read YANKEES DON'T LOOK FAR FOR THEIR HITTING COACH. It's not Pulitzer Prize worthy, but you get the point.

Anyway, there's a piece in the New York Post today about a pretty strong endorsement in favor of Alan Cockrell... it's Jeff Pentland.

The Post writes: "I fully expect him to be able to do it,’’ Pentland told The Post on Tuesday from his Arizona home. “I love the guy. Alan is very good. Every chance I get, I pump him up. If I didn’t stay in the job, I wanted him to get it.... 

He is a veteran guy, he has been around and I think the players accepted him..."

Now you know how I feel about Cockrell. I like his style, and I mentioned awhile ago, the guy just knows hitting and knows it well.  He did a ton of videos about hitting over the years. I actually own these for my son.  They are eye opening.  Here's a preview:

Anyway, look, the guy's bad ass, what can I say.  And let's not forget Marcus Thames.  I was reminded that Thames was instrumental in helping Rob Refsnyder this season when he was with Thames in AAA on the Railriders. 

Thanks for that reminder Iris:
Look, people want big, popular names as hitting coaches.  I get that, but I like the endorsement of Cockrell by Pentland and I look forward to seeing he and Thames work in 2016... no question.

Carry on.

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