Saturday, October 24, 2015


I can't believe we're at this point, but there has been a ton of chatter the last 5 days or so about the possibility of trading a player like Brett Gardner.  Unreal right? Well, it could actually make sense.

First of all, you hate to hear about stuff like this.  Brett Gardner is a spark plug, home grown and willing to do whatever is needed to help the team win.  He also slowed down a helluva lot at the end of this past season.  That's where the concern started...for me at least.

Now look. Joe Girardi loves Brett Gardner... almost too much.  But the Yankees have a track record with Gardy and dangling him out there too.  Remember in December 2013?  The Yankees tried to trade Brett.  Read BRETT GARDNER IS TRADE BAIT APPARENTLY for a trip down memory lane...

Anyway, now comes a "rumor" that Gardy "could" be unloaded this off season, and to be honest, it's based on an opinion... like you could have. Like I could have, like my mom or the butcher could have.  This comes from Bryan Hoch of who's on the Yankee beat. Check it out:

"It's possible, as it may be one of the only ways that they can get creative and add flexibility around the roster.  The Yanks are theoretically set for Opening Day with Gardner in left field, Jacoby Ellsbury in center field and Carlos Beltran in right field...The opposite course would be using Gardner to clear a spot if they plan on chasing a power-hitting free agent like Justin Upton, Yoenis Cespedes or Jason Heyward."

Look, if I'm the Yankees, a Gardner trade makes the most sense. Why? Well, because I can't imagine any team would ever want Jacoby Ellsbury.  I mean, that contract stinks to high heaven. The Yankees are stuck with him. So make the most of it, you know? Beltran's there, but to be honest, he's broken down, and while he could possibly be flipped, it's doubtful.  Gardy, while he's  the most durable, reliable player of the 3... is probably the easiest to trade away.  Plus... there's some value there.

I'm not so sure the Yankees would trade away Gardy... but trust me, it makes the most sense, especially if they are looking for an upgrade of some sort.

So I ask you, what do you think?  Comment.

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