Thursday, October 22, 2015


You now us here at BYB.  We will rank on the Yanks for being old and the need to bring up the kids. That's important to us.  Well, I was reading LoHud, and Chad Jennings had a terrific piece out about how the Yankee rotation isn't that old anymore. Reading through it, I didn't realize it, but I gotta tell you, it made me smile... Damn you Jennings!

Anyway, check this out:

"The Yankees have plenty of rotation issues, but age really isn’t one of them. Aside from CC Sabathia, the Yankees don’t have a starting pitcher in his 30s. Really, their rotation is built around four guys who are 26 or younger (counting Masahiro Tanaka, who turns 27 next month). That’s not to say the Yankees have a rotation as good as the Mets, only to point out that the Yankees’ rotation is probably younger than it seems...

Luis Severino -- 21
February 20, 1994

Noah Syndergaard — 23
August 29, 1992

Steven Matz — 24
May 29, 1991
Nathan Eovaldi — 25
February 13, 1990

Matt Harvey – 26
March 27, 1989
Michael Pineda 26
January 18, 1989

Masahiro Tanaka – 26
November 1, 1988

Jacob deGrom 27
June 19, 1988

Adam Warren – 28
August 25, 1987
Jon Niese – 28
October 27, 1986

CC Sabathia 35 
July 21, 1980

Bartolo Colon 42 
May 24, 1973"

Look, it's just one of those things that I needed to point out to our audience. I mean sure, there were some championship Yankee teams where rotations were old and more experienced than above, but in the realm of youth and "building" again so to speak, it's interesting and refreshing to see.  Check out our 1999 Yankees rotation in comparison for instance:

Orlando Hernandez-- 33
David Cone-- 36
Andy Pettitte-- 27
Roger Clemens-- 36
Hideki Irabu-- 30

Ages were much different, older, but experience was key for that 1999 team.  All I'm saying is we have a good thing going with youth coming up Yankee fans.  Like we see with the Mets for instance, if the Yankees allow time for growth for these young pitchers we have, there is a huge opportunity for us in our future. And you know what?  It's damn exciting.

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