Saturday, October 24, 2015


It's not a monster website yet, but it's catching on.

Last October, I had an idea. I wanted to create a site where newly formed baseball blogs could come together and form a new movement in the world of sports blogging.  I wanted a place of 1 stop shopping for all the readers out there to discover new places to find interesting stories, news, opinions on the New York Yankees, and all the baseball teams out there.  In a Starbucks in Manhattan at 6:06am... I "pressed the button" as you would say and the BYB Hub was born.  Our first and only post was Interested in being a part of the BYB Hub? and since then we have collected 24 'newer' blogs filled with hungry and creative writers, interested in 1 day making a name for themselves.  I was proud of that achievement and I hope in the years forward, we'll be able to invite more blogs to come to the Hub and share their work.

The BYB Hub philosophy is quite simple; We share the outlet, but you need to write.  It encourages new writers to stay on it.  If you get lazy... if you stop writing... the Hub may not be for you.  If you're willing to write often, share the HUB, promote each other... that's how the Hub gains stem and how you get read.  REMEMBER... many readers out there don't know anything about some of these newer blogs... promoting the Hub and writing often with great content will keep you in the game.  It's that simple.

So check out the BYB Hub... click and read away.  I am proud to have created this new family, a sister station of Bleeding Yankee Blue.  A way to get noticed in this world of much more established Yankee and baseball websites.  It's a good shot for you to get noticed... but it starts with you and only you.  The BYB Hub can promote you, but if you don't help yourself out and also promote the Hub brand... it doesn't work.  It's a give and take... it's a family.

If you are a new baseball blogger and want to get placed on the BYB Hub, now is your shot.  Reach out to me and we'll get you started.  I'm on Twitter at @BleednYankeeBlu . Just reach out, we will review your blog and hopefully get you on the Hub... FOR FREE.

It's the Hub's first birthday.  Man that went fast.  Looking forward to many more.

 --Robert Casey
   Bleeding Yankee Blue Chief
   Creator of the BYB HUB

You've made BYB the fastest growing Yankees fan site in history. Now shop at the Bleeding Yankee Blue store! Follow me on Twitter@BleednYankeeBlu and LIKE Bleeding Yankee Blue on Facebook! Also, don't forget to check out the BYB Hub!

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