Friday, October 30, 2015


No, you read that right.  I titled this post THANK YOU LA!  Los Angeles, CA!  Tinsel Town, La La Land, The Coast!  I am tossing up a great, big THANK YOU to the town I have little to zero love for…why?  I’m glad you asked.  The Los Angeles( Should’ve Stayed in Brooklyn) Dodgers have “parted ways” with former New York Yankee Captain Don Mattingly.  That news made my year!  Donnie was canned.  Donnie was sacked.  Donnie was sent packing!!  It was music to my ears!  The Dodgers don’t want Mattingly!!

Now you might be asking yourself, “Mikey, isn’t it harsh to be so excited to see one of your childhood heroes out on his ass?”  No. No it’s not.  Donnie has already been rumored to be in line for the Miami Marlins gig, in fact, it happened, read HERE.  Donnie will be fine.  It’s not like he is a steel worker that got laid off from the mill in a working class Pennsylvania town with 5 kids to feed.  Mattingly is not hurting for dough.

The reason I’m SO UNBELIEVABLY excited to hear this news is simple.  I can stop hearing Yankee fans saying, “I hope the Dodgers win it…for Donnie Baseball.”  WRONG!  When Donnie was wearing that awful Dodger Blue uniform the Donnie Baseball ceased to exist!  He was Donnie Ocho.  That is a fact.  He actually sent me a bobble head back in 2011 and Donnie Ocho signed the card!  What?! Nope.

I don’t like the Dodgers!  I told Tommy Lasorda where to go once upon a time at Chavez Ravine (We’ve since reconciled).  I cringed seeing Garvey, Cey or Lopes.  I can’t stand Dodger Dogs; hate beach balls, fine Randy Newman hacky.  I hold 2 members (AND ONLY 2 MEMBERS) of the Dodger Family in the highest regard. 2!  Mr. Vin Scully and THE GREAT Jackie RobinsonThat’s it.

 Look, Donnie is out!  I feel like he just got paroled.  They didn’t treat him well.  The players were a bunch of clowns…YES!  I’m looking directly at you Puig!!  Donnie is out and we can stop with the “I like the Dodgers because Donnie is there” crap.

I love Mattingly.  I really do.  But we can also stop with making him Casey Stengel.  He ain’t the “Old Professor”.  He was a beloved Yankee great, became a solid bench coach and followed Joe Torre out of town because he felt the Yankees “Cano’d” him by giving Girardi the job. 

GI Joe was a MANAGER OF THE YEAR!  He was the no brainer call for the skipper seat, Donnie.  You still haven’t proven yourself a good manager.  Period.  I’m not bashing Mattingly; I’m just calling it as I see it.  Donnie shouldn’t have been the Dodger Manager in the first place and here we have Yankee fans, YANKEE FANS!  Pulling for the Dodgers because of Donnie.  What is that?!  No.  I say again, NO.

I’m having a beer and thanking the Baseball gods and the Ghost of Old Yankee Stadium that this day has arrived.  Now I don’t have to worry about Mattingly bringing LA a title…not that I did much.

Donnie, I love ya.  You will always be a Captain to me.  You are a NEW YORK YANKEE forever.  You are Donnie MUTHA TRUCKIN’ Baseball!  And I’m raising my pint to the loss of Donnie Ocho!  Good riddance

** From another proud Son of New York to you, Donnie.  Say G’bye, Cap!**

and always….BEAT LA! BEAT LA! BEAT LA!!


--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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