Thursday, October 22, 2015


Look, this is a short post, basically because I'm over the old, "The Yankees will pursue Zack Greinke" train...or even the hint of it.  I mean yes, there is always a possibility, but what I know better than anyone is when the rumor mill throws out nuggets, those nuggets tend to be strategically done, with zero follow up. It's smart placement.  That's what these guys do. You can't fault them... that's the rumor game in the blog, baseball world, and they are geniuses at it because it brings clicks.  But take note... it's always a strategic float... and nothing really ever comes of these rumors. My opinion of course...

Anyway, I just wanted to share his nugget on Greinke.  Jonny Heyman of started it all when he wrote:

"Zack Greinke will opt out of a contract that has $71 million over three years remaining, according to sources, and one GM suggested he should get multiple offers for $125 million over five years, at a minimum, with the likely winning bid at about $150 million over five years, or perhaps even more."

Obvious, I know. Now, right away I look at that and cannot in a million years believe that the Yankees would ever go for a guy like Greinke.  Mostly because of the money situation and years stuff there.  But then it gets more interesting.

Caitlin Rogers of Pinstripe Alley then suggests that the Yankees "could" pursue him.  Ok, ok... I'm interested in what she has to say, even though I think it's not gonna happen.  First she goes on blasting the rotation saying it's held together with duct tape and band aids. OK. She's right... And? Then she lists all the problems we had and names all the Yankees starters... Sabathia, Ivan Nova, Nathan Eovaldi, Pineda, Warren and Masahiro Tanaka and then suggests:

"Presuming that everyone is healthy when the season starts, the rotation won't have room for Severino unless the Yankees make some trades over the off season."

I'm here to tell you that I would find it pretty incredible if the Yankees DIDN'T have Severino in their rotation. As far as I'm concerned, the guy's there.  Anyway... there's more:

"The Yankees avoided signing any of the big free agent pitchers who were available last off season, so they might be reluctant to spend this kind of money, or to add another long contract to the books, but the rotation would be so much better with Greinke in it. There would only be room for him if they make some trades, though."

OK, here's the thing, and I am in no way trying to diminish Rogers piece; I am disagreeing with her take on Greinke though.  The money is too much, plus, I have a sneaking suspicion, money or no money, I just don't see Greinke WANTING to be in pinstripes.  On one hand, Rogers just got done breaking down the pitchers we already have and "presuming their healthy" is a good thing to presume at the beginning of any season. 

Plus, if we do flip a guy like Ivan Nova for a bat, and throw Adam Warren in the pen... where he belongs by the way, Severino is one of the Yankee 5 anyway.  There would be no room for Greinke. Plus... with that bank roll we're allegedly ready to offer, it makes no sense for the Yanks to pursue him.  Hey, that's just me suggesting that.  I personally feel as though the Yankees will "stay", maybe upgrade cheaply, but I don't think they'll ever go for a guy like Greinke... I just don't.

Anyway, to Caitlin Rogers.... much respect coming your way from me.  I liked your piece on Greinke... we just disagree on the likelihood of Greinke ever coming to the Bronx.

  American Eagle

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