Wednesday, October 28, 2015


We're still trying to pinpoint if this is true, but I'm pretty sure it is. I was woken up at around 6am when my alarm turned on to 1010 Wins like it normally does.  "I don't know what's more disturbing," said the reporter, "Jacob deGrom saying he's going to cut his hair at the end of the season, or Derek Jeter reportedly getting engaged."  

I opened my eyes.  "He's going for it," I thought, and got up.

According to the Daily News, "Derek Jeter’s days as a player are over in more ways than one, according to sources close to super model Hannah Davis. Jeter and Davis are finally ready to tie the knot after three years together, and if The Captain hasn't yet set a date, that'll be the next step.

'She already has the ring,' we're told. 'The family is very happy because they really like him.'"

The full story is HERE. Now  look, there are a ton of times we have sat here and reported a nugget about Derek being married or engaged or breaking up only to find it wasn't true, so we're treading lightly here... after all, it's gossip. But I need to tell you, and this will disappoint my female audience;  I want the guy to settle down.  I hope this is true for his sake.

If it's true, congrats to the great Derek Jeter.  You snagged a babe and obviously you are happy.  I'm glad.

From all of us here at BYB, the best to you Cap.

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