Monday, October 26, 2015


Don Mattingly back with the Yankees as their hitting coach? Yup. We wrote about it when Jeana Bellezza made her wish list and Mattingly was on that list.  Read 5 BRILLIANT OPTIONS FOR YANKEE HITTING COACH for that, and remember something, we're not blind here at Bleeding Yankee Blue. 

We totally understand that Mattingly coming back to the Yanks to be hitting coach is a step down.  No matter, we love keeping our family intact and so, we thought it would be cool.  Nostalgic if you will.  Everyone needs to chill.

News today is Mattingly is the lead candidate to be the Marlins new skipper.  According to several sources, but we'll go with Jon Morosi of FOX Sports on this one:
Now look, good managers are built when experience happens.  Plus, when you fill a clubhouse with veteran players, sometimes it's hard to keep them in line.  I never felt that Mattingly had an easy time in LA. 

Too many strong willed veterans.  I believe that's true with some of the Yankee teams in recent past too.  I believe a younger club with a veteran manager is a nice combination.  Look at the New York Mets for instance.  Look at Kevin Long, the hitting coach with the Mets. 

A perfect example. Some will say, "Why couldn't Long do that in the Bronx?" My opinion is there were too many veterans set in their ways in Yankeeland. No one was willing to adjust swings and tweaks. In the Mets organization, there are young and eager players... a different dynamic.  That could also work in Miami with Mattingly and that young team. We'll have to see if he gets the gig, but I think it would work!

Whatever the case, I hope Donnie gets it. 

Anyway... carry on.

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