Thursday, October 15, 2015


I just wanna take a moment to thank our friend, Lory Ankiel. She's the freakin' best!

You remember Lory. First of all, she's Rick Ankiel's wife and that's a big deal, but she's also a smart business woman creating Our Baseball Life, a terrific place for traded ballplayers. 

We explained this before, just to to recap, once a player is traded to a different ball club, there's literally no time to think.  Players usually have to get to their teams A.S.A.P.  That leaves the wives and kids behind to figure it all out. It can be stressful and it can suck. It's happened to Lory with Rick and it's happened for many baseball wives every season. So Lory set up Our Baseball Life so those families can find out more about the city they are about to be traded too.  It's brilliant, you can check it out HERE and follow them on Twitter @OurBaseballLife. But wait... there's more...

As you know, we've been breaking Lory's chops to sport our Bleeding Yankee Blue tank.  After all, you don't have to be a Yankee fan to wear #BYB gear.  Yes it's true, we do write opinion and news updates about the Yankees, but as I've stated here for a long, long time... BYB more about family and baseball in general.  It's a movement and we're just trying to drum up support to bring readers a positive message! A good family core is important.  That's why we have become friendly with folks we have the same family values with... the Hensley family, the Posadas...

(In Photo: Laura Posada)
The Sabathias, the Ryan family, the Jones family and so on.  Well, add the Ankiels to that list too.

Lory went huge for us! On the field of Sun Life Stadium, Lory threw on her #BYB tank and sent us this incredible shot.  We love it and we wanted to personally thank her for being awesome!

It's about support here.  We support positive and important ventures in things like Our Baseball Life... all we ask is that people understand the message we're trying to put there with BYB.  Lory gets it, and we love her for it! Thank you!

To my readers...If you guys get a chance, learn about Our Baseball Life as well as the Athlete's Guide APP.

It's all very interesting and we applaud Lory for a terrific product! You are one of the good ones and we support you  here at BYB! Thanks for being awesome!

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