Saturday, October 10, 2015


We here are believers that the New York Yankees in an attempt to get more competitive in 2016, will pursue Jeff Samardzija.  It's just fate. It's the way it should be. writes this:

 "...there is expected to be real interest in free-agent right-hander Jeff Samardzija, as was suggested last week in Inside Baseball.Some Yankees people love Samardizja for his potential, and also for his interest in the big stage. That Samardzija was a star wide receiver for Notre Dame adds to the interest for the Yankees, who see better results ahead for Samardzija. They also may see a possible bargain following a year in which he had a near-5 ERA...The Yankees also may be reticent to go big for the biggest free agents in the market, such as Price and Greinke, at a time they have a 50 percent luxury tax..."

Now, those "Yankees people" are some of us here at BYB who definitely back up and support the Notre Dame connection.  As Suzie Pinstripe wrote in WE CAN DRAW A FULL HOUSE WITH SAMARDZIJA back in June 2014:

"I have always believed that Samardzija could not only be effective in our rotation but he could find success in a big city like New York. He is primed for it. With roots in one of the most prestigious sports programs in the nation at Notre Dame, Samardzija is used to having all eyes on him and the criticism that comes along with being a spotlight athlete. New York could be everything he needs.  It's in his blood to come here."

The timing, while it may not have been right for the Yankees and Samardzija before... definitely is now.  Count on this happening for the New York Yankees this winter... it's a gut thing for me.

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  1. God I hope you are wrong !!!! This guy brings nothing to the big stage !! Will just wind up being another over paid 4+++ ERA mediocre pitcher at best


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