Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I watched last night's World Series, Game 1.  The Mets and the Royals are 2 great teams.  It was a truly great Game 1, with a crushing loss to the Mets in the 14th on a Royals walk-off.  Hey, that's baseball. But here's the good news for Mets fans, and I said this when I went to bed...

"deGrom goes Game 2. It's gonna be a see-saw all Series."

My statement wasn't unusual.  It's pretty accurate seeing what I saw in Game 1.  Plus, deGrom's freaking great, better than that chubby Harvey guy. 

I woke up this morning with Mets beat writers all up in arms because Salvador Perez, the Royals catcher is apparently a cheater now, and I guess when the Mets lose, New York's supposed to get into a tizzy and blame someone.  Just stop... PLEASE!

Last night Salvador Perez "appeared" to have something on his shin guard.  It could have been dirt, which, if you look at the picture above, it clearly is. It could have been a foreign substance.  Here's what it wasn't...ILLEGAL. You know what's illegal? When you scuff a baseball in the open like Joe Niekro did back in the day. 

Does anyone remember Gaylord Perry? He doctored better than anyone... AND WE ALL KNEW ABOUT IT. He's also in the Hall of Fame.

You know what's illegal? Having a goop of pine tar the size of a small car on your neck like Michael Pineda did and then act like Jeter put it there.   When pitchers doctor the ball, it's illegal.

You know what isn't? When a catcher is rolling around in the dirt for 9 innings, or in last night's game... 14, and getting filthy and trying to get his pitchers to do their best.  And you know what? Sometimes in the transfer or the game itself, there may be something on the catcher's shinguard. This isn't Watergate ladies and gentlemen.

Zach Braziller of the New York Post, a Mets beat writer and clearly siding with the Mets, writes:

"A mini-controversy appears to be brewing after Fox cameras caught Royals catcher Salvador Perez with some kind of brown substance on his shinguards.

Perez didn’t speak to reporters after the game and manager Ned Yost correctly pointed out that there is nothing wrong with the catcher — or any position player — having the substance, believed to be pine tar, there.

'It’s not illegal,' Yost said. 'I don’t know what it was. It was brown. It’s not illegal for a catcher to have it on his shinguard. It’s illegal for a pitcher.'”

Ned Yost ladies and gentlemen, a former catcher himself. Trust me, he knows a few things about catching and he is definitely not a bullshit artist. He tells it to you straight.

Let me be crystal clear on this; The New York Mets were in that game hard all night last night.  They were, and ARE fighters, but so are the Royals, and the Royals won. That's it.  There is NO controversy. There's no nothing except for the Mets being in a 0-1 hole, and trust me... this World Series might be the most action packed ever. It will go back and forth. The Mets are still in it.

Everyone in New York that's a Mets fan needs to freaking relax.  Trust your team. Stop looking to blame someone.  The Mets are good... so are the Royals.

 Here's a bigger question... anyone concerned about where that small portion of Perez's thumb went? It's alarming to me.

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