Saturday, October 31, 2015


News report on the trial involving Ty Hensley. The verdict is in.

According to NewsOK, which covers news in Oklahoma, Anthony Morales, the man accused of beating and kicking Ty Hensley in the head and leaving him for dead... "was acquitted Friday of felony aggravated assault and battery... Anthony David Morales, 25, contended he had acted in self defense during the Dec. 28, 2014, incident. The jury in Oklahoma County District Court took about two hours to reach their not guilty verdict. 

Prosecutors alleged Morales repeatedly kicked the pitcher, Ty Hensley, in the head at a residence in The Village. Hensley told police the attack was unprovoked."

When the time is right, Bleeding Yankee Blue will give much more about this story. I personally will not discuss anything further with our audience until I see fit.  Right now it's about respecting the Hensley family. I know you understand where I stand.

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