Sunday, October 25, 2015


On Friday morning, I was boarding the train.  I happened to see my buddy getting out of his car and he was dressed, head to toe in Mets gear.  Worn out hat… ratty shirt, you know, his comfy clothes. Clearly he was off from work and going to the bagel shop.  He had a skip in his step. That’s because he’s a die hard Mets fan and has been for years.  He’s proud of what his team has accomplished so far.  The Mets are in the World Series.  I got all fuzzy inside as I watch him walk into the shop and as the train pulled away… I started to write this. I remember when Yankee fans had that feeling. Thinking about how excited his is about the Mets gives me chills.  That’s true fandom.  It’s stuff like that that makes you, if you’re a baseball fan, step back and see the big picture.  Fans come in all shapes and sizes… and yes, there are Mets fans that for decades have been embarrassed by their team and management and lousy decision making.  Now, these same Mets fans… the die-hards, are proud.  They are proud that a club that no one really thought about actually has done something incredible.  For them… it’s about damn time. I stated in THE METS ARE IN & JOE MADDON ISN'T A ROCKSTAR the following:

"I'm happy for the die hard Mets fans . I am not happy for the bandwagon fans who have no allegiance to anything but winners and will sell their mother down the river if it means being with a champion.  If you were a Yankee fan and you flipped because you got impatient... go away, you are no longer welcome on my side of the street.  But again... to the die hard Mets fans, this is great for you guys!"

That’s a fact.  Bandwagon fans kill me, and I see them a mile away.  Their Mets hat right out of the bag… they’re wearing uniform tops like Flores and deGrom.  Let me tell you something, my friends… My real friends that happen to be die-hard Mets fans wear HernandezKranepoolSeaverOrosco.  They are true Mets fans.  I’m not taking anything away from Wilmer Flores, David Wright or Jacob deGrom, they are great players having a good run. But in the grand scope of Mets fans and baseball… I appreciate the die-hards.  That’s because the die-hards have been waiting for a while.  Again, they're proud… they deserve alittle happiness.

I made a statement the other day suggesting I wanted to Cubs to win it all.  It’s not unusual or absurd.  As a baseball and Yankee fan, I felt the Cubs fans needed a smile… it had nothing to do with the Mets, but Mets fans took exception when I wrote WHY I DON'T FEEL THE NEW YORK METS tweeting me…

If they didn't care, they should have ignored it

Sure, they have a point, no one cares about my opinion.  But they took it personally and they shouldn’t have.  It’s an opinion, nothing more and they need to relax!   No one cares about great baseball and fan allegiance more than I, but it’s those damn bandwagon fans that couldn’t name the 1986 lineup or even know what uniform number David Wright is that kill me.  They water down what the true Mets fans are feeling.  That’s basically what I’ve been suggesting all along.

So, here’s to the Mets fans, the die-hards, the guys and gals that have been struggling through the Bobby Bonilla years. The ones who had to dig out their Darryl Strawberry shirt from the closet and re-break in their old Mets cap.  Be proud of your club. They did good for you and I got your back.  In the end, the Mets in the World Series is good for baseball.  It’s a wonderful story. It is good for New York too. But don’t give away the key to New York yet… the Yanks have always been the kings of New York.  OK… if the Mets win… we can lend them New York… but just for 2015.

Good luck to all those true Mets fans.

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