Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The answer is yes.

I was listening to Alex Rodriguez talk, I think it was in the clubhouse during champagne time the other night and he was explaining how the Yankees haven't swung the bats well at all.  In essence... they know they are stinking up the joint.  But he also said that they could very likely have a run like they did earlier in the season... maybe 9 straight, who knows.  I smiled as I was brushing my teeth.  It's that never say die mentality that I've always been in love with when it comes to my New York Yankees.  And so, as I got ready for the train, I threw on my Yankee jacket with pride, for today is a new day and a new 1 game season so to speak against a team featuring star pitcher Dallas Keuchel.

Hey... it will not be easy, but we have Masahiro Tanaka.

Tanaka held on all season.  I didn't expect it.  I thought his arm would break down at some point and he wouldn't even be around by the post-season.  He surprised me, and for that, I'm excited.  We'll be playing at home, which, if you've ever been at a post-season game at Yankee Stadium, it's electric and insane and I wish I was there tonight... it's huge. It gives me hope.

But it's also a 1 game playoff.  Winner of this game moves on. The loser will end their season tonight.  I have had alot of negative feels about the Yankees this season, you've read about it extensively, and I'm happy to express my true feelings when things go wrong, but it's a clean slate today.  This team not only has the chops to win this game... they also have a more important reason to do it... they're gonna do it for their brother... CC Sabathia.

Now I don't need to get into massive details about the importance of what Sabathia did and when he did it when it came to his drinking.  It's personal and I applaud him.  This game in his personal life is just not important.  He's gotta fix some stuff... and he will.  The timing of this demonstrates the urgency of the problem. For those of you that "cannot believe he's doing this now"... you're perfect and you'll never understand.

That's sarcasm, but I don't have the time to explain it.  If you don't get it, you never will.  But back to the Yankees and CC.  There's a bigger picture here.  Sure, win the first round for not only the fans and their team, but for CC.  It's very noble. It's a brotherhood. It's beautiful actually.

The Yankees have the tools and they have the ability.  If Joe Girardi plays to strengths and not to over-resting players and changing players too much and at the wrong time, we have a huge opportunity.  The sprinkling of youth with veterans is a formula that has worked for the Yankees for years...

There are Cecil Fielder and Andy Pettitte type players on this team (1996). There are Shane Spencer and Tino Martinez type players on this team (1998).  There are Phil Coke and Jorge Posada type players on  this team (2009).

The point is with guys like Greg Bird and Luis Severino mixed in with the likes of Jacoby Ellsbury and Brian McCann...kids and veterans... things could turn out pretty great. But as you know, there's 1 thing that definitely needs to happen. 

The Yankees need to hit.  It goes back to what ARod said.  The Yanks have stunk up the joint leaving many runners on base all season and not hitting.  They need to be smart. They need to execute in a way to get the runs home.  They need timely hits. No easy task for this team, but as we have seen during their hot moments... they truly have the ability.. they just gotta do it!

Tonight's the night ladies and gentlemen.  I believe in this team, despite my annoying, negative rants.  But they need to believe in themselves tonight, BIG TIME.  Trust me... they CAN!

Go Yanks! Make us proud tonight.

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