Wednesday, October 21, 2015


So I was watching the Mets, Cubs game like everyone else last night and in the 7th on 2 strikes to Daniel Murphy, there was a cutaway from the crowd, and I swear to God, I thought I saw Yankee fanatic, BYB reader, BYB fan and South Bend area native, Lisa Varga!

I was curious. So I went to Lisa's Twitter to see if she plugged herself... she's good like that! I was correct!
Bleeding Yankee Blue readers know Lisa Varga like this:

She always helps us out with a photo promoting Bleeding Yankee Blue. That's because she's a friend and a good person and she likes our product.  I like to help people out that help us out here... which is why we have made an entire post about a 1 and a half second shot of Varga at the Cubs game last night.

Don't forget, Varga is from South Bend and threw out the first pitch for the South Bend Cubs this season.  Read BYB PAL, LISA VARGA TO THROW OUT FIRST PITCH!  She IS a Yankee fan, but sometimes you gotta root for the home team, which she does gracefully.

Anyway, enjoy this post today ladies and gentlemen. 

Hey Lisa, You owe me a new BYB Photo!

Folks, read more about Lisa in SHOOTING FOR THE STARS.

Be Read. Get Known.

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