Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Thank goodness I’m friendly with Marci Hensley.  When that happens, it’s the little things I can report on her stud son Ty.

This is just a small, yet important nugget.  The trial involving accused thug Anthony Morales will take place on October 26th.  That was confirmed by Marci on her Facebook:

 "The trial for Ty's assault last year is Oct. 26th."

As you remember from reading PRAYERS FOR TY HENSLEY, Ty was assaulted for basically not trying to engage Anthony Morales when they spoke of bonuses from the Yankees compared to the Carolina Panthers.  What happened next was an unnecessary beating that led to Ty’s jaw being wired shut.

 Here’s the best part, and we wrote about it in FIRST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB. DON'T TALK ABOUT MONEY. Ty will return, just like he always does, because Ty has a drive more passionate than many when it comes to what he loves most... baseball and success.

We’ll continue to follow the trial casually here at BYB and fill you in if there is big news. But for the most part, as a person who believes in moving forward, not back, I will attempt to concentrate more on Ty Hensley’s progress on the mound and his return to the Major Leagues since Tommy John surgery rather than report every detail of the trial.

I hope you can respect that.

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