Friday, October 9, 2015


"I did what I thought was right every day.

Here's the problem with thinking too hard... sometimes you just need to go with your gut instead.  It is my opinion that baseball should be about the gut move, the "doing" rather than the "thinking". I mean sure, there is strategy involved and sometimes it's good the have match-ups, but gut moves are sometimes what makes this game great.

Joe Girardi spoke in front of reporters today talking about the season. While I don't really have beef with Joe, I remember many instances where he thought too much, checked out his binder instead of using his gut, and essentially blowing a game we had in the bag.  Now, I know... it's Monday morning quarterbacking... but who's to say I wasn't YELLING at the TV at the exact time he was making a foolish move?  Anyway... I digress...

Here are some quotes from Joe, post Post Season:

Defending the handling of the Yankees: ''I did what I thought was right every day...People thought that I could have done better. I understand that, and so you live with it.''

On his players:  "Were they tired? I don't know. Everyone during the course of the season is going to get physically worn down, because it's a grind.''

On not trading away prospects: "I think the organization made the right decisions not giving up blue-chip prospects just for a two-month rental...I think we made the right moves at the trade deadline. We're pleased we kept Severino, Bird, Judge..."

Girardi on not winning: "The bottom line is we didn't win and that's going to be questioned. I understand that."

On benching Jacoby Ellsbury in the Wild Card game: "As far as fence mending, that's to be determined. I guess, as I talk through things with players over the course of the winter. I had to make a decision (to play Chris Young over Ellsbury or Brett Gardner against Houston). It wasn’t an easy decision (and) it came down to a body of work during the course of the season against left-handers.’’

Out of all of what he said today, this is what I found most interesting.  Ellsbury has always liked and respected Joe Girardi.  Never has there been a bad word spoken about their relationship... but as I tweeted the night of the Wild Card game... Joe LOVES Brett Gardner.
It is my opinion that that factored into Joe's decision making during that game. Now, no one thought Gardy was going to strike out 3 times, but when there was a moment to pinch hit for Gardy after 3 K's,  Joe didn't, and instead put Ellsbury in for Chris Young after Gardy grounded out in his 4th at bat.
Who knows what would have happened... maybe nothing. But it goes back to "Gut" over strategy. Now, it's my opinion that we now have a manager that is most likely not trusted or respected by his players. Joe knows this... otherwise, who would he say it.  He was talking to Ellsbury there. He knows he blew it. When this stuff starts to happen, you need to worry as an organization.

Much like Jorge Posada and Joe... there could be more fall out as the seasons go on between Ells, Joe and who knows who else. Let's hope not.

Anyway, that was really it with Joe and his press conference. Not alot there, but yes, I did find that mend fences line very interesting.

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