Tuesday, October 27, 2015


And for a few Yankee fans... a sigh of relief.

Ben Chernington is actually a really smart guy and would have been a smart pick for Cashman's backup.  According to the New York Post, the Yankees almost snagged Ben Cherington from the Boston Red Sox when he left that organization. Very interesting.

Sherman writes: " Not long after Ben Cherington resigned as Red Sox general manager in August, Brian Cashman called to inquire to see if he was interested in working for the Yankees.
“I reached out to him,” Cashman told The Post. “I have a lot of respect for him, his integrity and how he did his job.”...

Cherington has decided to back away – at least for a while – from any full-time baseball jobs. He, for example, declined a chance to interview for the GM openings with the Mariners and Phillies, though he was perceived as a strong candidate for both. Instead, he accepted a teaching position in Columbia University’s sports management program for the spring semester.

Cherington is expected to try to re-enter a front office at some point."

I like where Cashman's head's at here. Sure, I hate the idea of hearing about a story after the fact, but this a good story. It's debatable if Cherington would have been the right move or not... we shall see.

Small nugget, but worthy of a BYB post. Something to think about.

Carry on...

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