Monday, October 19, 2015


All signs point to possibly, maybe. Once a top prospect in the Yankees farm system Tyler Austin is now on his third attempt to impress the organization and they appear to be losing faith and getting impatient. The clock may be ticking on Austin and this could be his final chance.

In a recent statement by Brian Cashman, confidence in Austin could be hitting rock bottom. Read that HERE. In September, the Yankees designated Austin for assignment after a sub par 2015 season. I have always admired this kid's work ethic. I have seen him two previous times at the Arizona Fall League and I have always noticed how he always seems to be working. He's on the field early, he is engaged and in the zone. I have never felt like he has received enough credit for that. This year though, he lost his potent bat and after a lot of inconsistency was even demoted to AA Trenton which is a long road back from when he was named a player in the 2012 futures game AND breakout player of the year.

It sucks to see Austin struggle so much. The Yankees have always envisioned him in the outfield for us someday, but something seems off. This Austin is different than the Austin I have watched for the past few years, and Cashman notices it too. Maybe he is trying too hard. Maybe the pressure is getting to him, I am not sure. All I know is....I see struggles in him that I have not seen before.

I do believe the Yankees are starting to lose hope in this kid. One of my friends said that right now, Austin sounds like Billy Beane's story in Moneyball. Once a top prospect phenomenon that fell apart who looks like the confidence is gone. You can draft a player based on his abilities, but getting in their mindset and fostering that confidence and determination is another story. He needs to do that part, and I believe that he can.

(In Photo: Eric Jagielo)
As much as I have seen Austin struggle, I still believe in this kid! He may have earned himself another shot to impress and turn things around here due to the unfortunate injury to Eric Jagielo who lost his spot in the Arizona Fall League. So now, he returns a third time and I believe that he will seize the opportunity. It isn't even a full week into the season and he already has some multi-hit games and is proving that he can play at first base in addition to the outfield. He is versatile, and he is determined and that is why I will continue to be his cheerleader.

I feel uneasy reading some of Cashman's comments. We need our kids in the organization to succeed so we can become a more successful organization. The Yankees know this, too. If they become impatient then it is hard to give the chance to bring that change. We need our kids to be successful. The fact that Austin was designated for assignment and not claimed by another team not only shows the Yankees lack of confidence, but other teams as well. They were once interested, but this time they let him go unclaimed. This is where Austin can change all of these opinions.

I do believe that Austin can control his own destiny here, and I want to see him get there. I know he works hard so now it is just time to put everything together and do it. They say opportunity doesn't usually knock twice. In this case, it has knocked three times. I believe that this kid still has what it takes. We are still in your corner here at BYB, Austin. Now it is just time to GRIND IT!

Cashman, you may be losing faith and patience.....but this prospect hugger hasn't. Let's prove him wrong, Austin!


--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ 

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