Sunday, October 4, 2015


A quick note and a quick thanks to amNewYork who always reaches out to me so plenty of New Yorkers can read my opinions about the Yankees in their publication. When that happens, I like to at least acknowledge it and give them a big Thank you.

In their article today titled Yankees fans are nervous about the playoffs... they were speaking of me.  In the article, written by Ivan Pereira and Jason Shaltiel, they write:

"The Yankees are back where they belong, where they must be, in 2015: the postseason.
This could be a short trip to October baseball, though. If the team doesn't win the Wild Card game against the Houston Astros in the Bronx Tuesday night, they'll be sent home for the winter like it never happened.

Robert Casey, who runs the blog Bleeding Yankee Blue, says enthusiasm is tempered by the team's backward path into the playoffs.

'It's a different feel if you're losing and you clinch right before' the postseason, he said... Casey expects a better showing in the playoffs, certainly tomorrow night.

But it's impossible to predict whether fans will have more than one postseason game to root on their team. The win-or-go-home nature of the contest is discomforting, Casey said.

'When you have a lot of momentum and you're playing a lot of games, you always have a better chance,' Casey said."

Yup, it's more of the same of what I've been saying all along on the pages of BYB... but now it's just in print for all of New York to see.

Thanks to the amNewYork crew for always reaching out to me for quotes. You are professionals.  I'm always here if you need me guys... see you next year.

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