Saturday, September 19, 2015


Let me rephrase...

Masahiro Tanaka was terrific. He handled the Mets hitting very well.  Our offense didn't light it up. But there's something to be said about training a starting rotation to pitch 6 innings all season. Sooner or later the bullpen becomes taxed, and the starters can't get through the 6th.  It's just because of repetition... almost like muscle memory as well as psychological.  That was evident last night.  After Tanaka came out, the Mets hitting, which is terrific, just ate away at our tired pen and in the end... we lost.

Mike O'Hara said it best in his piece THE BEASTIE BOYS VS. 3rd BASS. "Mets’ fans want this rivalry…Yankee fans only think about the Mets when the Yankees play the Mets." It happens to be true.  I appreciate a good game. In fact, when the Yankees play the Mets, of course I want the Yanks to win, but I appreciate good baseball. I gave props to the Mets when it was needed, but I'm a Yankee fan and that's it:

That's just respect for the game.  But other than this series, I won't keep track of the Mets until the playoffs.  I got a kick out of BYB friend Michelle who tweeted this last night:
The reality is, you want to wear your Yankee gear, but anything that represents the Mets... well... it just can't stand!  Clearly Michelle was in a predicament.  I need to send Michelle some BYB gear.  I think she'd look amazing in it.

And I was annoyed by this.  Last night Masahiro got to hit as pitchers normally do in the NL, and he bunted.  The Mets threw to second and got Brendan Ryan, the lead runner out.  Chad Jennings of LoHud tweeted this. Me being a baseball guy, tweeted him back:
Only to be responded to by this:
As you can see, I corrected the record. There is no blame. Give me a break. I found Jennings to be pretty JV there.  Don't hashtag me that I'm blaming Ryan. Don't try to rally your followers or make a statement. You're a reporter, act like it. We're trying to have a conversation. There were a ton of factors with that play. Open your eyes. bro.  JV.

Whatever the case, in the end, Yankee fans came out to root and Yankee fans were disappointed last night.  The Yankees scored 1 run.  Tanaka gave up 2 runs.  Clearly enough the Yankees could come back from. But they didn't.

Joe Girardi went to Chasen Shreve, who, by the way is exhausted.  The guy had a great season until about a month ago.  Not sure what the hell Girardi's thinking but Shreve went from a go-to guy, to a guy that gives up runs.  He need more rest.  He may even need to be tinkered with.  How does Girardi not see this? Just look at the box scores the past month.  Are we in Mars?

The Yankee run scoring went like this:

In the first Chris Young sacrificed home Brett Gardner.  It was a manufactured run all the way.  It was brilliantly done, and you know what? We forgot how to score after that.  We left 10 on base.  We were 2-8 with runners in scoring position.  You have a huge outfield at Citi Field... you don't need home runs. You can take advantage of that field and go base to base, work the counts and play small ball.  The Yankees didn't.  They looked old and outmatched.

Today is a big day. It doesn't matter if it's the Mets or the San Antonio Balloon Knots we're playing.  What matters is the Yankees win.  We aren't playing a World Series against the Mets... just Mets fans believe that. We are trying to win games.  The Blue Jays won ladies and gentlemen. We... did not, and that sucks.

I know, I know... one game at a time. Well... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting impatient.

Final: Mets 5 - Yankees 1

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