Monday, September 28, 2015


If you haven't seen the video of Jonathan Papelbon attacking teammate Bryce Harper... watch it.  Then read, FINALLY SOMEONE CALLS PAPELBON A 'COWARD' involving a confrontation between Pap and Manny Machado of the Orioles. Recognize something; this is the live destruction of a man.  Jonathan Papelbon should no longer be considered a "bad boy." He should be considered a problem and perhaps Major League baseball needs to do more than just suspend Pap and fine him... maybe they should consider removing him all together.

This is the incident that occurred between Papelbon and Bryce Harper. I love this vine because it really captures the attack:

According to the Daily News:

"The mouthy reliever, who has worn out his welcome in Boston and Philadephia, appears to have punched his ticket out of DC - by attacking superstar Bryce Harper. 

One day after the Nats were eliminated from the NL East race, Jonathon Papelbon and Harper brawled in the Nationals dugout. 

After a flyout in the eighth inning of what became a 12-5 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies, Harper headed to the dugout, where he and Papelbon, the team’s closer, exchanged words. The argument escalated, and Papelbon reached out with his left hand and grabbed Harper by the throat.

Papelbon then shoved the outfielder toward the bench with both hands, before teammates pulled the pair apart.

'I mean, he apologized, so, whatever,' Harper said with a shrug afterward in the clubhouse, messy smears of eyeblack on his cheeks. 'I really don’t care.' Asked whether he had tangled with a teammate before, Harper responded: 'Usually fighting the other team.'

Papelbon said: 'I’m in the wrong there. ... For me, I can’t allow that to happen in the middle of a game. You can handle that after the games or allow the manager to handle that. So in that light of it, I’m wrong.'"

Well, you're damn right you're in the wrong, but you also need to apologize.  Apologize to Harper, apologize to the Nationals fans. Apologize to all of baseball you piece of crap.  You see? That's what's wrong with this loser... he never feels the need to apologize for his actions.

Papelbon grabbed Harper's throat... that's an action of a lunatic.  Grabbing someone in the throat is something that's done in Kung Fu grappling or self-defense. Last time I checked Harper didn't swing at Papelbon, so, explain why he'd even use the throat hold? Why? You can kill a guy with that if it's done correctly.  In other words, he was looking for a fight.  Talking trash to a teammate and them talking back doesn't mean you attack them.  It's bullshit.

Bottom line, Jonathan Papelbon needs to be removed from the season... maybe even major league baseball.  Let him go home, make anger management mandatory and let's move on.  This guy is a cancer to any ball club and clearly his ego has taken over.

Get lost Johnny, you're a piece of trash.

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