Saturday, September 26, 2015


I'm big on baseball. I'm also big on playing the game correctly, having character, presenting leadership and just playing the game with integrity every time you're out there.

I wanted to share this with you.  It's an old story, but ESPN did an incredible job with it.  I was reminded of this story from a guy named Coach Dan, a former baseball player who now speaks all over the country about the importance of Little League and it's real message. Courage. Character. Loyalty. These days certain bad coaches in Little League have wondered away from what the true message is.

Anyway... the story I'm about to share involves a softball player named Sara Tucholsky.  Wikipedia tells the story a lot better than I, so here it is:

"On Saturday, April 26, 2008 her team was playing a Great Northwest Athletic Conference game against Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington, USA. In the second inning of the game a widely admired display of sportsmanship took place. Tucholsky hit a three-run home run, the first in her college career, but injured her knee while going back to tag first base after she realized that she did not touch the bag. As per the official rules, none of Tucholsky's teammates could assist her in running the bases. In addition, as per the rules stated by the game's umpires, Tucholsky's hit would only count as a two-run single if she were replaced by a pinch runner. (A story of the occurrence on later revealed that the game umpires misinterpreted rule of the NCAA softball rule book, which states, "If an injury to a batter-runner or runner prevents her from proceeding to an awarded base, the ball is dead and the substitution can be made. The substitute must legally touch all awarded or missed bases not previously touched."

Mallory Holtman, the first baseman for Central Washington, then asked the umpires if she could assist Tucholsky to home plate. After a brief discussion the umpires decided it would be acceptable. So Holtman and Liz Wallace carried Tucholsky to home plate, gently dropping her legs at each base they passed. All three players received a standing ovation at home plate. Western Oregon went on to win the game 4-2. "

Now ladies and gentlemen... try and hold back the tears:

If you are a Little League coach, a parent, a mother, father, sister, brother, leader... this is what the game is all about.

Simply incredible. I had to share it on our pages.  Have an incredible weekend.

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