Monday, September 14, 2015


I know it seems like old news, but it's not.  It's a memory and I found it powerful and needed to share it with you, our BYB readers.

Many of you that have read the pages of BYB know that I was supposed to go to Yankee stadium on September 11th, 2001.  I had the tickets. My dad and I were supposed to see Roger Clemens who was supposed to pitch on September 10th, but his start was pushed back because of the rain out.  Obviously... that never happened.

What did happen though was BYB reader and huge Yankee fans Tony Zeppieri WAS at Yankee Stadium September 10th.  When I posted RAIN OUT. SEPTEMBER 10th. 14 YEARS LATER, he sent me his memories of being at Yankee Stadium during the rain out.  He and I spoke after that and he shared some of those photographs from that night with us.  I thought it was fitting to share his tweets and pictures in a post.  We love to communicate with other Yankee fans and we appreciate them so much.  And so, check this out below. To Tony, thanks for doing this, we appreciate it very much...


"I was there that night. On a bus trip with the now defunct Norwich Navigators. We toured Monument park, and has a guided tour...

It was sunny and clear, and then it poured. Rocket was going for his 20th win in something like his 23rd start. 

Then it all changed the next day. Nothing was or has been the same since. I have a photo album of that night, I call it "Pictures from the day before the world changed." 

It was a last day of innocence for us as Americans."

Chilling... yet, a fond memory.  And yes, the next day the world changed, and we as a nation need to remember that and work together to make things right now.

Have we forgotten?

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