Tuesday, September 15, 2015


That quote above is from Mama Bear, Marci Hensley speaking of her son Ty Hensley last night.  Yup... you're not gonna get this stuff anywhere else because when Ty went down in the spring for Tommy John Surgery, he went off the grid... and with good reason. He wanted to rid himself of the distractions and, for the last time, make a solid push to get to the Major Leagues and pitch for the team that drafted him... the New York Yankees.  He wants to do his best to dominate  with the club that took a chance on him.  He doesn't want to let them down, and a source hold me that the Yankees are "very high on him".  See how that works? There's a respect there.

Marci and I spoke for a bit last night.  I like her. We raise our kids similarly. She's just a great person and I always like to hear about the kids.  Both Ty and JR are doing great.  But this post is about Ty and life after Tommy John.  

She said that Ty is coming along wonderfully.  He feels very good.  He is working out at the Tampa complex and throwing from 90 feet.  He is looking forward to getting back on a mound. 

Then she said, "He's never been in better shape!"  To me, it's not a surprise.  Ty is a gamer. I knew it from the first time we interviewed him at BYB in 2012. (Read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: TY HENSLEY: YANKEES 1ST ROUND PICK). Since then, there were setbacks, many of them, including an attack on him when he was home during the holidays last year.  That trial is set for this October.

Meanwhile, Ty kept coming back, literally throwing after that attack with his jaw wired shut. We went to Tampa, reported to practice and continued his work.  Why? Because he is determined.

When things were coming together back in April , Tommy John was another obstacle, but not anything he couldn't overcome.  That's because it's Ty Hensley.  If you know Mike and Marci, you know that nothing gets in the way of Ty and JR. They're built to succeed because they know that you gain success through hard work... and here we are... Ty's working his tail off once again in Tampa, trying to get back on the mound to pitch for the New York Yankees...again, for the last time.

Now someone's gonna read this and say, 'Well, you really didn't give us anything.'  No, actually I gave you more than any other media outlet out there. Look, I'm not trying to trump the Yankees here.  I'm trying to be respectful to the Hensley family, as well as the New York Yankees.  There's protocol here.  Morally and ethically, I want to protect the family unit as well as get the story for you all.  This isn't some rag.  I treat stuff like this seriously.  It's about respect.  Remember, Ty went off the grid. No one knows or knew anything.  For all you know, he had complications because it's been silent.  Fans are writing me asking, 'I fear that Ty is not gonna make it back.'  Never fear. Ty Hensley's here. All this post does is puts those fans at ease.

Here's the facts... you want information on a player, a person? Go to their mother.  Luckily... Marci is good like that, and I wanted to share this nugget with you.  Ty is making his way back, because Ty Hensley has the guts to do it.  It's drive, and it's taught from within the family. As your children get older, as a parent you hope they understand the importance of it and grow up to do great things on their own.  But it starts at home... and Ty... JR... they get it.

We're glad you're progressing Ty.... Grind kid... Ty's the limit.

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