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I truly love baseball and music.  Here at BYB, my Skipper has been good enough to let me tag my posts with a little bit of Punk, Hip Hop, Metal, Ska or other.  These are two topics I could literally talk about forever and never get tired of either one.

The 2015 METS AND YANKEES have stirred my memory of an old beef in the Rap World. This old school feud has some striking similarities to the rivalry between the Empires City’s American and National League clubs.  1st, it all started in the GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD.  Both of these Rap acts got their starts on the streets of New York.  One was a groundbreaking juggernaut and the other was 3rd Bass.  Hey, MC Serch, Prime Minister Pete Nice and DJ Richie Rich (the band’s members) are a solid crew of MCs (and DJ).

Their first record “The Cactus Album” was a really good record.  I have it and still listen to it today.  “Licensed To Ill” on the other hand was an all-time great record, and the Beasties followed it up with what I consider one of the Top 5 greats records in Hip Hop History, “Paul’s Boutique”.

The tension between the Yauch, Diamond and Horovitz and the members of Def Jams second attempt at a white rap group started when the Beastie Boys left the Seminole Rap Label and took their act to Capitol Records.  Def Jam executives saw the opportunity to attack one of the groups that put the company on the map with the band that was created to replace them…the alternative or second string if you will.  It was the understudy that was taking shots at the lead actor.  It was sort of sad in a way.  3rd Bass could stand on their own as artists.  They didn’t need to drum up a needless rivalry to try to sell records…but they did.

Are you starting to see the similarities? The Mets and 3rd Bass, both products of the Borough of Queens, are second on the depth chart.

The Beastie Boys and the New York Yankees are the starters.  The Metropolitans are a really good team this year and have had runs where they’ve grabbed a bit of spotlight…the 1980s were a great time for the Mets and their fans.  They had a really strong club in 2000 and at various other times in their history…not to mention the Miracle Mets.

The Yankees are just on another level.  Even when the team is fairly lousy they still are the Yankees.  They float above the sport itself.

When someone says, “White Rappers” the BEASTIE BOYS are the first to come to mind (sorry Eminem)…3rd Bass…well, if you really follow Hip Hop music you might remember them 3rd of 4th.

When someone says, “Major League Baseball” the New York Yankees instantly come to mind…even the biggest anti-Yankee person would HAVE to admit that.

Mets’ fans want this rivalry…Yankee fans only think about the Mets when the Yankees play the Mets.  Did they win last night?  I don’t know until I listen to the WFAN in the morning.  I simply don’t care.  I don’t hate about the Mets.  I don’t sweat them.  They are the other team.  Their fans can lose sleep over the Yankees or hope for a Pinstripe collapse…but like my Uncle would say, “Wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one gets filled first.”  In other words, go waste your time I don’t care.

So the Mets are a good club and have the pieces in place to make a big October run.  They have young pitching and those guys might be better then Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz when all is said and done…but the Mets will still be 3rd Bass and the Yankees will still be the Beastie Boys.

** Like I said, 3rd Bass is a good group and I like some of their stuff.  Here’s one for you guys out in the Royal Borough.  Best of luck…try to enjoy yourselves. Or don’t. **

** Yankee Fans!  MAKE SOME NOOOOISE!! **

--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21


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