Tuesday, September 1, 2015


It's a quick note, a significant note and an important theory that I've always suggested about how the Yankees deal injured players and the media.  They never tell the truth... until they have to.  Knowing what we know about Mark Teixeira now... today it was revealed that they had to.

Today it was reported that Mark Teixeira, and we'll use Eric Boland and Bryan Hoch here is sidelined for a bit longer:

So here's the thing, and hear me out;  Every time the Yankees have an injured player, there are several steps that get the Yankees through it.  It's almost like a way for them to stall.  A player tweaks an ankle... he's day to day.  After those day to days, they'll hit the 15 DL.  Sooner or later the 15 day DL will end, and suddenly, things aren't improving and that player continues to linger... and then, POW.  They'll come back with "60 day DL", or "Worse than we thought."

Now look, we give Teixeira jazz pretty good here, but we love what he's doing for us in pinstripes in 2015.  But you can't take away from the seriousness of this.  The reality is, we need the guy. And so, what do we do... force the guy out there and risk no Tex for the playoffs? Or, babysteps... and we wait until he's fully healthy.  Whatever the case... the Yanks are fun like this.  They're also predictable.

Get well soon Tex.  This news today... it doesn't surprise me.

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