Thursday, September 10, 2015


It's nerve racking to be a Yankee fan right now.  Another game last night that we should have probably won.  It feels like every time we DO win, the Blue Jays win, or, we lose and slip alittle further back.  Last night, both the Yankees and Blue Jays lost, and there we are, stuck. Still in the same place we were.  When do we make that big push?  It starts tonight. More on that in a moment...

CC Sabathia was on the mound.  He went 4.2 innings giving up 4 hits and 3 runs.  He struck out 5.  Here's the thing, he walked 3, and he didn't look truly amazing.  It goes back to when I remember him telling the Yankees that he'd come back to the pen, "Anything to help the team".  It is clear to me that putting CC out there to start is not helping the team, Although, I will tell you, the O's were held to 3 until the 8th.  Not exactly CC's fault right there.  That being said, I wasn't overly impressed. That's just me being honest.  I'm used to seeing him cruising, not seeing him laboring.  That knee is a big issue with this poor guy.

The Yankee run scoring went like this. In the first, Carlos Beltran cranked out a solo shot to tie the game 1-1. 

In the 3rd, it was Beltran again, this time singling knocking in 2.  The O's came back in the 5th with their own 2. 

Then in the 8th, with Adam Warren pitching, Steve Pearce, former Yankee, knocked in a run.  And in the 9th, it was Chris Davis hitting a ground-rule double.  5-3 right there...  Um... we could always just intentionally walk Davis you know.  He's a Yankee killer.

And that leads me to tonight. I asked, When do we make our push? That answer starts tonight.

There will be 7 games against the Blue Jays.  4 at home, 3 in Toronto.  That, my friends will determine the season for the Yankees.  Do we want first place? You're God Damn right we do.  Will we accept the Wild Card to get into the playoffs? Sure, but for me personally, it's not how I want to go into it. You know what I mean?

We can do it, we can win it all, but we need to start tightening it up. We need some energy.  We need excitement again. We need to dig deep and we need our starters to keep us in the game.  We need our bats to compliment our pitching. No one is going to feel sorry for us because of injury. We still need to place.  If we can get consistency, get alittle confidence and power through this like an all-nighter to ace an exam... we can win.  But it has to happen now. Right now. That's it.

Last night's loss? It's frustrating, but now we need to turn the page and start freaking winning.

Final: Orioles 5 - Yankees 3

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