Thursday, September 3, 2015


You know me. We share the love here at BYB.  If our readers comment, we bring it to your attention.  If it's provocative, we let you know about it.  If it's smart, we print it.  If we like to break chops because we know you'll do it back... we flirt.  

Shout out to pethealer for terrific comments at the end THIS IS THE END!, a terrific post about Mark Teixeira written by Mike O'Hara...

Tip the cap. That ended nicely. Anyway, I rambling now.  This post is about BYB comments and Aaron Judge.

We recently wrote about Aaron Judge and the fact that he was not called up in September and how personally, I was annoyed.  But Thank God for our readers who brought terrific opinion and perspective to it.  It's different than the way I see it. It doesn't matter, it's good stuff and I wanted to share it on this Yankees off day.  Enjoy it.

 Steve wrote:

"Right now, the Yankees need to focus on winning the division and bringing up Judge doesn't really help that. Not to mention, putting him on the 40 man roster now clogs up a spot they will need this winter. (Judge is not Rule 5 eligible, so they don't need to put him on.) 

Ultimately the average most likely did not help, but as Brian Cashman said last week, there is no need for him right now.  He will get plenty of chances to learn next year. He should be finishing the season and playoffs with Scranton getting 4 at bats every day. That's what he needs right now."

Mike wrote:

"Judge is only in his second full year in the system, and has played just half a season at AAA. By all accounts, his makeup is great, but he simply hasn't performed well enough at that level to force the Yankees' hands. With a very stuffed 40 man roster, and the team in the middle of the pennant race, I don't see any need to rush him into this situation. Odds are good he will be up sometime next year.

Barring a bad injury or an awful year, he is probably going to be first in line to take over for Beltran, so I would expect to see him get at the very least a cup of coffee call like Jeter got in 1995."

All opinions welcome.  Thanks guys for some intelligent perspective.

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