Wednesday, September 2, 2015


But never letting go of their sports roots!

Last week, I took by first born to college.  He is a freshman at Syracuse University in upstate New York.  He is joining more than 3300 freshman representing 45 states and several different countries according to University statistics.  As I watched the college newbies pushing carts of their stuff from their cars to the dorm elevators, I couldn't help but take a peek at the sports teams represented.  Now with 45 states of kids converging into the different dorms across the vast campus, of course we are going to see a number of teams, we as Yankee fans, don't like, however what I do like is that even though these kids are leaving home, they have not left their sports roots behind.

My son, packed some key sports memorabilia, from Derek Jeter's final goodbye to fans given out at his last home game to his Yankee travel mug along with his Giants and Islanders pennants and his own baseball bag filled with all the essentials to try out for Syracuse's club baseball team.  It felt good to see him bring his sports roots and adorn his room with them.

Downstairs from my son was a son of another family who showed his pride for his home state of Maryland.  If you have ever seen the Maryland flag, you know its prominent and loud decor screaming "look at me".  This room was all decked out in Maryland flare and of course that means, Baltimore Oriole orange and black.  My son laughed, A: because he is a Yankee fan and B: because he isn't from Maryland but sort of gets a kick out of their flag.

My friends' kids, who are attending other universities across the Northeast, brought their favorite sports decor.   I saw shots of Phillies and Red Sox items purposely placed on the dorm walls.  No I don't like those teams, but yes, I like what they represent for these kids: Their Sports Roots.  At a time where things are so complex between fatal shootings of innocent people, economic "mood swings" and political big mouths clogging up the news feeds, it is nice to see simplicity and tradition in the way of kids keeping what matters to them close at hand as they start a new adventure.

These kids are our future and although they are starting a new chapter in their lives, it is good to know that have not forgotten the people and memories that these sports teams represent for them. Good luck to all of our students as they begin a new school year!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
BYB Hot Stove Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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