Friday, September 11, 2015


It was a disaster tonight.  Watching made me feel like I just couldn't be a fan of this club. Disgraceful. Overpowered. We are not supposed to go down like this!  It's the Blue Jays... THE BLUE JAYS for Christ sake. How in the hell is this possible?

First of all, you know they're good if they have Luis Severino's number.  This must be a fluke because the dude is just real good.  Tonight he went 2.1 innings, giving up 6 runs on 6 hits. I wanted to vomit.

The Blue Jays teed off on our pitching.  16 hits. 11 runs off of our lousy 9 hit, 5 run game.  We look old. We look un-energized.  We look like shit.

Chris Martin, Andrew Bailey and Chasen Shreve, who looks tired lately by the way, gave up the addition runs.  Just not our night in the pitching category.  Oh yeah... did I mention we couldn't score runs? OK. I will now...

We scored 5 off Price and company.  It went like this:

In the bottom of the 3rd, Brett Gardner sacrificed home Brendan Ryan.  In the 4th, with the score 8-1, Didi Gregorius singled home a run.

In the 6th, Didi then cranked out a 3 run homer to make it 9-5.  That would be all the Yanks would score.  The Jays would score 2 more after that.  In the end, if Didi Gregorius is your offense with a team with mad talent like we have... you have a major problem!  This game sucked.

Yankees lose, and drop in the AL race.  Not a good start to the 7 games against the Jays. It's damn sad actually.

Final: Blue Jays 11 - Yankees 5

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