Friday, September 25, 2015


You come to BYB for interaction with our writers as well as reading good and different material every day.  We appreciate it.  We have regulars as well as folks that just like to playfully stir the pot and we appreciate that very much as well.

I just want to share a quick nugget of love and appreciation for banter on BYB as well as our love for certain players and our club.

Mike O'Hara wrote DONNIE & THE BIRD today.  A good, smart piece that is doing an admittedly early comparison of flavor of the month, Greg Bird to Yankee great, Don Mattingly:

Well, our old BYB commenter pethealer was at it again, writing this:

Excellent comment and great question. I quickly posed it to O'Hara, who is out and about, no doubt rushing his Irish ass to meet Pope Francis or something. 

He wrote me back the following, because he was no where near a computer.  I told him I'd pass it along:

"I'd flip Tex and eat a lot of the money. Yanks gotta pay for their mistakes too." 
- Mike O'Hara, BYB 'Features" Writer

So there you have it. Bold. If O'Hara was in charge, knowing that he doesn't hate Mark Teixeira, but perhaps hates the Tex contract and him often being injured, he suggests we flip Tex next season.  Remember now, it's an opinion, a fan opinion and nothing more. I personally don't think the Yankees would just part with $23 million, or even flip him for something less, but hey, this is O'Hara's opinion. 

You know us at BYB, all opinions are allowed here... as long as their not hateful.

Enjoy your Friday. 

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