Thursday, September 17, 2015


The Yankees won last night. The Blue Jays did too... and Yankeeland is starting to get impatient.  Not much the Yankees did wrong last night. They got the win.  Meanwhile, the Blue Jays just won't die.  Hey, it's that time of year. Teams are grinding through it. Brutal for us Yankee fans right now.  We just need to gain some ground and we're not.  Sure, the Wild Card is fine... but who the hell wants the Wild Card?

The Yankee youth movement came up huge last night.  You gotta wonder if Brian Cashman stares in the mirror at night and says, 'Damn... the fans were right... what the hell am I doing here?'

Luis Severino pitched well and got the win.  Birdman did more damage proving to many that maybe not having Mark Teixeira is OK.  I'm not knocking Tex, what happened to him is devastating for the team and him.  All I'm saying is, it softens the blow.

Sev went 5.2 innings giving up just one run. The Rays would not score again. He also struck out 7.  I like that. The Yankee run scoring went like this:

In the 2nd, Greg Bird doubled knocking in Carlos Beltran.  In the 6th Chase Headley singled and knocked in 1. Then in the 9th, a little insurance... Birdman launched a solo shot and just like that, Andrew Miller shut them down.  Er... correction... Miller CUT THEM DOWN.  Mike O'Hara pretty much reminds me of that every day.

Save number 34.  Anytime you beat Chris Archer is a good day.

Final: Yankees 3 - Rays 1 

P.S. The Mets lost.

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