Saturday, September 19, 2015


The Mets were blanked today by the Yankees who suddenly discovered how to hit and score runs.  Good for us.

Not only that, the Yankee pitching was truly exceptional.  7 pitchers combined with a 6 hit shutout.  4 hits were given up by Michael Pineda in 5.1 innings.  Chris Martin gave up the other 2 hits.  Seriously... just phenomenal pitching today. Combined with Yankee hitting and homers... it was terrific.

The run scoring was nice and clean.  In the first, Carlos Beltran hit a 3 run homer. Remember when I tweeted this last night?
I'm thrilled it happened today.

In the 6th, it was Brian McCann who was over due.  This home run was a 2 run shot.  Those are your 5. 

Pretty incredible day in Queens... and very necessary.  With that win, and alittle help from the Boston Red Sox who beat the Jays today, the Yankees are now 3.5 back in first place in the AL East.  You know what would be nice? A win tomorrow and a few more against the Jays in the next series.  It can literally set the tone for the rest of the year. 

Final: Yankees 5 - Mets 0

P.S. My dearest apologizes for appearing a bit absent on BYB lately.  When life hits, you run with it. Between my oldest competing in a pretty competitive baseball tournament this weekend and my other kids activities... I barely have the time to sit down and write. My hearts still in it, I'm just insane.  I'll try and do a post about my life real soon on BYB and explain everything. Thanks for understanding though... and thanks for your notes of concern.  I love you guys.  --Casey

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