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From time to time we'll do this.  We take comments from some of the posts we put up on BYB and offer them as stories. Why? Well, because there is just really good, intelligent and passionate opinion out there.  And so, I needed to share some great thoughts from Steve Skinner's piece OUR SUCCESS LIES IN OUR FUTURE.  Great analysis and opinion in the comments section of that post.  You need to check it out:

Steve wrote:

"The stale and unimaginative management that traded for Didi, that DIDN'T trade Judge, Severino, or Bird for the likes of David Price, that called up Mason Williams and Slade to play everyday when there were injuries. That traded for Eovaldi and all of a sudden has a very young rotation for next year...should I go on? Is this all about Refsnyder not playing? To be honest, I'd rather have him in the lineup of Brendan Ryan, but Refsnyder did not hit well at all in the second half in Triple-A. This year has been a great year in their player development and a big step in getting younger. Still, they will need the veterans down the stretch. What has ARod hit, 5 home runs in the last week? Sabathia came through with a strong outing.  Calling them stale and unimaginative doesn't seem to fit. At least not this year."

Steve Skinner, BYB Senior writer wrote:

"Sorry, but I disagree. Girardi has refused to shake the lineup up in spite of fact that Gardner, Ellsbury, McCann, ARod, and the abysmal 2nd base combo have done next to nothing at all. The only wins we've had are the result of Baby Bombers doing extraordinary things. Williams, Heathcott, and Pirela have only played when there were injuries. There has been NO influx of energy to this team, and the reason it is fading. Severino was called up to fill a gap due to injury as well. NONE of them would have been given any chance if not for the injuries of the aged team Cashman has assembled. 
Refsnyder only faded in the second half because he lost his spirit after the demotion. Same thing happened to Cervelli a couple of years ago when Cashman suddenly cut him on the last day of spring training. Another one that wasn't given a fair chance. Didi is the lone exception here. I love Didi and am very glad they stuck with him. Cashman's business model has been to only give the minor leaguers playing time if injuries occur. Don't be surprised if Refsnyder and/or Sanchez are traded away this off-season, as Robert Casey predicted in his article.
Girardi's lame excuse as to why he isn't playing Refsnyder is a perfect hint as to their plans. My God, why wouldn't you give a youngster a chance when you have the WORST HITTING 2ND BASEMAN IN YANKEES' HISTORY (fact, by the way) in front of him? Bottom line is this; Cashman is arrogant and doesn't want to admit mistakes - Capuano another example of that. 
The guy gets shelled more often than ISIS, yet they keep adding him to the roster.  Why the hell wouldn't you let a kid at AAA have a shot instead? The stale and unimaginative reference is in regards to the fact that in spite of witnessing this team fade to what could possibly be the 2nd Wild card spot, they refuse to inject any change.

I truly appreciate your comments as they show your passion for the team and your knowledge of the sport. Thanks for reading and please never hesitate to write in. On this topic we'll just agree to disagree."
Steve replied:

"We could agree to disagree, but I do have some issues with what was said. Severino was not necessarily called up to fill in for an injury...he was being groomed all year to be brought up. They brought him along slowly so that they could use his innings at the end of the year at the major league level. Eovaldi wasn't hurt yet when he was brought up, never mind the fact that they have shipped Nova to the bullpen now. And with Bird, they brought him up when it seemed like both Arod and Tex needed a blow (they were struggling), which to me is what you are saying they should be doing. Yes, Tex got hurt and now Bird is playing everyday, but that is not why he was brought up.
And to be honest, that is such a cop out about Refsnyder "fading". No doubt he would be disappointed, but how about going back to Triple-A and showing them why they should call him back up? It wasn't like he struggled for two weeks...he struggles for over 2 months.
The Cashman building an old team is an easy narrative. Forgot about the fact that ARod was pushed down his throat by Hank and Hal (but good thing he was because they wouldn't have won in 2009), that the only way to sign Tex in 2009 was to give him the years (and oh by the way he was pretty important to 2009), or that Tex and ARod have 30+ home runs this year and they wouldn't be anywhere without them. Cashman has built one of the youngest rotations in the league now, he is moving in younger position players, etc. Yeah, they are old on offense, but McCann has arguably been the best catcher in the American league this year and Beltran has been rock solid since May. Infusing youth is one thing, but sitting down veterans all together doesn't make much sense to me.

If you were making these arguments last year or the year before, I'd be right there with you. I just don't think they fit this year and I'm happy with the way the organization is going. Thanks for your response."

Steve Skinner replied:

"Steve, Severino WAS called up because of injury - actually injuries - to Pineda and Sabathia. Also, he had only made 11 starts at Scranton before being called up, he started the year at AA.  I in no way inferred that Eovaldi was part of my argument for two reasons: 

1. He BEGAN the year as part of the rotation
2. He was never in the Yankees minor league system. They acquired him from Miami.

Bird was brought up because, frankly, he had to be anyway - he had to be protected from the Rule 5 draft this off-season. And yes, both Tex and ARod were struggling - perhaps the team already knew Tex was hurting as well?

I love McCann, he's gritty, a great hitter, and I'm glad they have JR Murphy as a backup to give him a spell once in a while.
Beltran would be a tremendous DH, but he has no business being in the field anymore. The game we lost to the Orioles on multi-base hits by Chris Davis... both of those would have been caught with an even average fielder in right field. Beltran just doesn't have the ability to chase down anything outside of a 10 yard radius anymore.

And now to my favorite topic - Second base. The real cop out is Girardi's excuse for not playing him. He said "Ref has been in AAA all season and doesn't know the pitching staffs"..... Really Joe? Hmmm...guess you are forgetting that Refsnyder hit what turned out to be the game winning hit, a home run, against the Red Sox in HIS SECOND MAJOR LEAGUE GAME. Give me a break.
Refsnyder isn't being played because of Cashman's arrogance, and nothing else. Cashman signed his obsession, Stephen Drew, this off-season and immediately announced that he would be the starting 2nd baseman - something I always thought the MANAGER would determine in the spring. Bottom line, Cashman needs to keep the stiffs like Drew and Capuano on the roster and playing just so he can save face over spending $11 million on the two this past winter.

I've said my piece, and need to move on. Bottom line is that I do not think Cashman has done a very good job, and you do. We agree to disagree. Thanks for your response. I truly do appreciate it."
Ain't that something.

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