Wednesday, September 9, 2015


(In Photo: Not the actual Mets fan that's mad at us)

When Jeana Bellezza wrote an opinion piece on the Matt Harvey "controversy" this morning, (read NO ONE CARES ABOUT MATT HARVEY... EXCEPT MATT HARVEY), I wanted to make the title provocative.  The idea is to get people to see it, and then, if they actually took the time, we'd read the opinion and make an intelligent comment.

Joe Scott didn't.

Let me state for the record that many people "care" about BYB.  These people do. Many more do.

CC Sabathia does...

So do the Posada family, the Hensley family, the Jones family, the Ryan family... but hey, this isn't about BYB.  This is about people, like certain Mets fans like Mr. Scott who take the Mets and sports way too seriously.  I understand we attacked your superstar pitcher, but Harvey opened himself up to opinion.

We do not hate here at BYB.  We do not even hate the Mets.  We've been pretty complimentary of them actually, but we're Yankee fans.  We're not Bleeding Mets Orange. Sorry.

If I had to pick, I go with Jacob deGrom all day long.  He doesn't talk about himself.  He goes out there and does his job.  Just saying.

Thanks for taking the time Mr. Scott.  Next time, please read the article and know going in, that it's an opinion piece... not a hit piece.

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