Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Pathetic showing by the New York Yankees.  They spent more time watching the scoreboard  than they did actually playing solid offense last night.

The planets were aligned in such a way that it was really going to be a good night. The Red Sox are terrible.  They Yanks were set up to get their 10,000th franchise win. BYB Senior writer Ike Dimitriadis was at the game.  Some times things are just perfect. Here's the problem... the fans cannot swing the Yankees bats.  Our team couldn't do a thing last night. They scored one 1 on an ARod sacrifice.

 Ivan Nova was pitching well until he wasn't.  That was the 6th and 7th when he gave up 2, 2 run homers to the Sox.  And suddenly, people all over the Tri-state turned off their TVs.  It's a shame when your own fans can't support or believe in you at that moment.  This is not the 1998 Yankees folks. We are crippled and crawling into the playoffs. I got news for you... and here's the reality; The way this team is playing, how in the hell do you believe they can win in ANY short series of the playoffs? How?

Now, I'll get angry mail... "You're giving up on your team" and "They've had a good run all year, we're lucky to be doing this good." REALLY? We're lucky to be this far? Well, it means nothing to me if we don't get to the playoffs and win the whole damn thing.

You know what I want to see if the Yankees get their playoff berth? I want them to be professionals... humbled.  I want them to shake each other's hands, shower, shut the lights off at Yankee Stadium, go home and lay in bed and think about how fucking hard this was for us fans.  Pull from the Ralphie playbook after he beats up the red headed bully and cries to his mother in Christmas Story. 

Yup ,that's right, time for a hard cry.  These players need to feel alittle bad and angry and consumed by emotion.  It's been a struggle and fight and absolutely painful the entire way...You'll be lucky if you get there. Now do your job!

Final: Red Sox 5 - Yankees 1

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